About the Studio

Our letterpress products are created using a mixture of art and science, the hallmark of true artisan printing. With its roots in the 13th century, letterpress today has become one of the “lost arts” of printing and its rarity adds to the value of this artisanal print craft.

Schwartz Letterpress Studio offers the complete service from concept creation, design to printing the final letterpress product offering a complete artisanal experience.

The main attraction in the studio is the beautifully restored Heidelberg Windmill Platen Press dating from the 1950s.

Each product is printed one colour at a time and one piece of paper at a time.   This careful attention to detail results in beautifully letterpress printed products. Part of the craft of letterpress printing is the old-school techniques of ink matching by hand, making of plates and set-up of the press Рmaking it a completely hand crafted process.

To top it all of – letterpress printing has the smallest carbon footprint of all printing methods.